Planned ACEP 2020 Trip to Ukraine Postponed until likely 2022

The much anticipated trip to Ukraine, which was scheduled to include an EMS Rally in Poltava, and a 2 day Symposium in Kyiv from later September through early October, has reluctantly been postponed. Likely to 2022 when we hope to be in a post vaccine world with SARS-Cov-2 in Ukraine. As of February 2021, Ukraine remains largely unvaccinated, including health care workers and the elderly.  There is a new purchase of the Indian vaccine, 500,000 doses, imminently….but that is a small fraction of what is ultimately needed.  

The below previous description of the 2020 trip will hopefully be largely replicated for our 2022 ACEP Ambassador Program Ukraine trip next year.

Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, ACEP Liaison for Ukraine, and his colleague Dr. Ivan Kuzminsky, also ACEP Liaison for Ukraine, have confirmed the 2020 itinerary.  UNFORTUNATELY, POSTPONED.
In Kyiv, on May 26 and 27, 2020 there will be a 2 day EMS Symposium, with attendees from all over Ukraine as well as from Poland, Lithuania, Romania and other countries of the region.

The Ukraine MOH has asked for our collaboration in their project to build up to 200 Western style ER’s throughout Ukraine….a new endeavour for a country heretofore with EM doctors all riding on the Ambulance….the so-called “Franco-Germanic” model of EM.

Keynote Speaker will be UNC Chapel Hill EM Professor and renowned Editor/Author Dr. Judith Tintinalli. A EM colleague of Dr. Tintinalli, Dr. Rakesh Jalali of Poland will also be a guest speaker.  Other collaborative ACEP International speakers will include Dr. Igor Tkachenko of University of Tennessee EM and Dr. Magnus Simonsson of Sweden, ACEP International member.

The 2 day Symposium will be followed by the Annual International EMS Competition, to be held in beautiful Poltava, Ukraine on May 28, 29 and 30. This will include over 40 ambulance teams competing in roughly 15 mock scenarios, both indoors and outdoors, and with use of moulaged victims and manikins.

ACEP 19 in Denver

ACEP 19 in Denver with ACEP Liaison Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk of Kyiv went great.
We met with Dr. Igor Tkachenko of The University of Tennessee EM Program and with Dr. Sean Kivlehan of Harvard EM who are hoping to join us in late May in Kyiv and Poltava Ukraine in 2020 for a two day EM Symposium followed by an international EMS competition.

Plus the special treat of meeting with Dr. Judith Tintinalli who will also join us in Kyiv in May 2020.

Photos to follow. After the Denver Conference we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Fresh snow and beautiful.

ACEP 2019 in Denver, October 2019

Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, ACEP Liaison for Ukraine, will be joining me at ACEP 2019 (in Denver October 25-November 1) and our annual ACEP Ambassador Meeting. It will be great to collaborate and share again with Vitaliy, as we also begin to plan for the ACEP Ambassador Team and Trip to Ukraine in 2020.
It will also be a joy to share not only Denver, but the Rocky Mountain National Park with Vitaliy.

In Ternopil June 1-3 for first annual Simulation Medicine Conference “SimCon 2019”

This Simulation Medicine Conference was the first ever in Ukraine. It was my pleasure to give the keynote address. It was Michelle Sergel’s lecture with a little abridging and editing to fit their itinerary

Accompanying me were Dr. Dan Deckelbaum of McGill University Trauma Team, who is a Trauma Surgeon there. As well he is the Montreal Canadiens Team Physician. He was accompanied by a Trauma Nurse from McGill who is originally from Belarus, Irina.

It was exciting to see the progress made in Ternopil by Drs. Arsen Gudima and Galya Tsimbalyuk since Dr. Sergel, Director  of Chicago’s Cook County Hospital Simulation Medicine spoke to them in 2013.

We were also taken on a tour of an ancient fortress outside Ternopil. Including an amazing very old oil painting of Jesus teaching at the Temple in Jerusalem when he was 12.



At new Pediatric Clinic in Vinnitsa

With Dr. Alexander Kotilov and owners Sergei and Olga at their brand new and beautiful Pediatric Clinic in Vinnitsa.  Next year we will lecture there in Vinnitsa on Emergency Pediatrics to them and many colleagues


In Ukraine from Israel as of May 26

5D45C15B-3CFA-45E5-8395-2C6ADFF58916A66FD8C5-E528-46AC-B7EA-034057C166E729EAD859-D33F-479E-AF02-5EE3D1F50751A332CBF3-D0B5-408E-A506-868C01830248DD228DC4-62F2-41F9-9C2E-0B68F9690FC933CC5CE6-E859-4FAE-84E8-E4B1E1EE92C3After two weeks touring Israel with Catherine, I flew directly to Vinnytsia Ukraine. Meetings with dear friends.
First photo is with Lyudmila Sinyavskaya who had her mitral valve replaced in Nashville at Centennial Hospital in 1997 and spent that summer with us.
Then unexpectedly taken for two days to tour the beautiful city of Chernivtsi in southwestern Ukraine.
Now back in Vinnytsia before traveling Saturday to lecture in Ternopil and then Uzhorod.

Here are some photos of beautiful Chernivtsi sites and lastly photos of the ancient fortress in Kaminyets Poldillski. Please note that in the city center there is a beautiful cross memorializing those lost in 2014 at Maidan. Second photo.
It stands where there used to be a statue of Lenin. I told our tour guide we could not put up such a cross in America today at a public owned site. He was shocked.

ACEP Ukraine Trip 2019

This 2019 ACEP Ambassador and Colleagues trip will center around two events, hosted by Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, ACEP Liaison for Ukraine and his colleague Dr. Ivan Kuzminsky:

1) An annual nationwide EMS Rally with several nearby countries also invited…in Uzhorod, Ukraine (westernmost Ukraine) from June 5-June 7. I will be joined by fellow EM/Cardiology/ACEP Int’l member…. expert Dr. Magnus Simonsson of Sweden as lecturers on the first day, then joining in with our Ukraine colleagues as they compete at Mock Disaster scenes and are scored on their performances. Over 40 Ambulance teams will participate in this EMS Rally, after the first day of lectures.

2) 1st Annual Simulation Medicine Conference in Ternopil, Ukraine June 2 and 3. Ternopil now has Ukraine’s leading Simulation Medicine Center, under the leadership of colleagues and friends, Drs. Arsen Gudima and Galya Tsimbalyuk.  I will have the joy of presenting an EKG workshop and discussing Simulation Medicine in the USA, with materials provided me by Cook County Simulation Medicine Director Dr. Michelle Sergel, who planted seeds for Simulation Medicine in Ternopil and Kyiv 5 years ago.

Looking forward to it!!!!!

The “sequel” will be to have Drs. Krylyuk and Kuzminsky join me to ACEP 19 in Denver in October…..