ACEP Ukraine Trip 2019

This 2019 ACEP Ambassador and Colleagues trip will center around two events, hosted by Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, ACEP Liaison for Ukraine and his colleague Dr. Ivan Kuzminsky:

1) An annual nationwide EMS Rally with several nearby countries also invited…in Uzhorod, Ukraine from May 28-June 1. We will have a team of us joining in as lecturers on the first day and a half, then joining in with our Ukraine colleagues as they compete at Mock Disaster scenes and are scored on their performances. Over 40 Ambulance teams will participate in this EMS Rally, after the first 1 1/2 days of lectures.
Accompanying me, as it stands, will be Dr. Sean Kivlehan, Director of Harvard’s International EM Fellowship; Dr. Igor Tkachenko fo UT Chattanooga’s EM Residency and native Ukrainian; Dr. Anjni Joiner of Duke EM and EMS leadership; and Dr. Magnus Simonsson of Sweden, an ACEP International member specializing in EM and Cardiology.

2) 1st Annual Simulation Medicine Conference in Ternopil, Ukraine June 3 and 4. American doctors participating will be Dr. Michelle Sergel of Cook County Simulation Medicine, last in Ukraine 5 years ago and planted many seeds leading to the Ternopil Simulation Medicine Center. Accompanying Dr. Sergel will be Dr. Mark McLean of TeamHealth leadership, who also teaches Simulation Medicine nationwide with Dr. Sergel….and Michelle’s colleague Dr. Michael Falk.

looking forward to it!!!!!