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The Tkachuk Kids circa 2011

The Tkachuk Kids

in Nemia about 2011…..

Archana, Isabella and Ruslan Tkachuk; Ruslan our translator, friend, driver….

Archana and Isabella Tkachuk with Ruslan who is our translator, friend, driver and host

Archana and Ruslan Tkachuk run a Christian Foster Home on the Moldovan border of Vinnitsa Oblast in a town called Nemia. They have usually at least 10 kids in their home, and the blessing they have been not only to their community and Church but to us and many other visiting medical and dental and Church teams is beyond measure. Dearest friends to us all.
Dr. Mark McLean and his wife Carrie have become steady supporters of their ministry, joining Woody Wolfe of Heart To Hand Ministries and others including my wife Catherine and me in supporting their work….and we are blessed to do so and to know them.

Coat of Arms of Vinnitsa Oblast

Coat of Arms of Vinnytsia OblastCoat of Arms of Vinnitsa Oblast