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New Ukraine Collaborative trip Team Members…Dr. Sam Scheinberg and Mrs. Cherrie Scheinberg of SAM Medical

As Dr. Nunez and I work with Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk and Dr. Sergei Bolyukh to plan for the upcoming trip….we are rejoicing that the Scheinbergs will join us. Vitaliy had requested a battlefield surgeon and the topic of our 4 city tour of one day seminars be Trauma Resuscitation. Dr. Nunez of Vanderbilt Trauma, former Army Trauma Surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to be superb in his sharing and collaboration.
Now, as a sequel to our meeting a year ago at a medical conference in Las Vegas….Dr. Sam Scheinberg and his wife Cherrie are joining us. This is great news. Sam was a Trauma Surgeon in Vietnam….and is an Orthopedic Surgeon and Inventor…who founded the renowned firm SAM Medical out of Oregon. Cherrie is integral to this company’s success as well. Dr. Scheinberg’s inventions have played major roles in EMS and preHospital care in the USA and abroad….and also his products are utilized by our military and others around the world. FYI, see:

This trip is going to be a blessing to be a part of….and my joy to be a facilitator and presenter as well. Only 62 days until we leave….

Brian R. McMurray, MD, FACEP, FACP
ACEP Ambassador to Ukraine