Team all in Kyiv….first conference completed

We all feel blessed, and happy to be here among many friends, some new, some old here in Ukraine. For Dr. Timothy Nunez, it is his first time here. For Dr. Sam Scheinberg and wife Cherrie….the second time. Their first time was in the early 1970’s, so this is quite a different nation now.

The weather has been beautiful except for some brief rain this morning…while we were all indoors lecturing. Our flights and Customs and everything went fine. Today we lectured from 10a-5:30p. All went well. Every one of us asked many questions. That is always a good sign. Engaged audience. Tim is in the process, I am convinced, of breaking up the myths that still often exist against giving uncrossmatched blood to trauma patients in class 3 & 4 hemorrhagic shock. His detailing of his Iraq and Afghanistan battlefield experiences, blended with his civilian experiences the last 5 years at Vanderbilt make him quite a compelling speaker.

Though we will bracket more time going forward….the Simulation cases…both brought the audience into the action. And afforded Sam and Cherrie the opportunity to explain the utility of several of their inventions of Sam Medical…namely their Chest Seal, Junctional Tourniquet and thrombogenic dressing.

It was then my joy to present ultrasound utility in trauma. The FAST exam and the E-FAST exam.

This is our last night in Kyiv until we come back here June 30th….and then depart July 1st at 0545.

For supper it was my joy to reunite with old friends…heart surgeon Dr. Vitaliy Demyanchuk and his wife Olga and daughters Polly and Eva. As well with songwriter, playwright Paul Thorson and his wife Vika and their son Tovia.

This morning it was great to get out and take a nice log, brisk walk in the morning before breakfast. Looking forward to that again tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we have siteseeing in Kyiv for the group, then on to Lutsk…about a 6 hour drive. What a joy to be here again. On behalf of ACEP Ambassador Program….collaborating on Emergency Care.

To see dear friend Dr. Sergei Bolyukh means so much to me. We met because each of us had undergone a spiritual awakening. Next April it will be 20 years since we first met. He is truly like a brother to me. We rejoice in the many ways we have been allowed to serve others.

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