Great time in Lutsk at their beautiful Hospital; Ukraine hospitality at it’s best

Today we had around 60 doctors…Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgeons, Chest Surgeons, General Surgeons, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists and Hospital leaders in this beautiful city of 215,000 in northwestern Ukraine attend our one day Seminar on Trauma Resuscitation.  Tim Nunez was our lead speaker….and he hit it out of the park.  As a former US Army battlefield surgeon, he “gets it” and teaches so capably and with great experience.  Dr. Sam and Cherrie Scheinberg gave a great demonstration of their products to splint, pack wounds, seal chest wounds and tourniquets….many devices used in the US Army, and in EMS and ER care around the nation and world.  What a great couple.  Married 47 years.  See:

It was my joy to see yet again the possibilities that can occur when you seek what is wanted and needed, then put together a team to meet expressed needs.  This team is the best I could have hoped for to teach trauma resuscitation.

It was my joy to teach Simulation cases on trauma resuscitation with audience participation and show the utility of intraosseous access when needed. Then on to showing the utility of the FAST exam using ultrasound at the bedside in serious trauma.

Tomorrow we push on to Lviv.  Arrive mid day, then some sightseeing and settling into our Hotel there before our one day Seminar on Friday.  Then Friday night on to Vinnitsa in an overnight train.

This team is such a blessing, as are our hosts.  The Hospital and the hospitailty here in Lutsk are exceptional.  We are blessed, and loving every minute.

Photos to follow…..

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