Upcoming Ukraine ACEP medical collaborative trip June 2016

At the invitation of the Ukraine Ministry of Health and ACEP Ukraine Liaison Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, this trip is upcoming.  Accompanying me will be Dan Smiley, Deputy Director of EMS for the state of California, who himself has been to Ukraine collaborating in prehospital medicine.  This will be my 35th trip to Ukraine since 1996.

Dr. Krylyuk is in charge of Ukraine’s education for prehospital medicine and disaster medicine.  Dan Smiley and I will accompany Dr. Krylyuk and colleagues for Symposia on PreHospital Medical Care and Paramedic Training to be held in Uzhhorod on June 24 and in Odessa on June 29.

Time will also be spent with colleagues in Kyiv and in Vinnitsa.  In Vinnitsa, Brian’s dear friend Dr. Sergei Bolyukh and his colleagues and the Vinnitsa Nazarene Church have launched a new Hospice at the Vinnitsa Staregorod Hospital.

Dan Smiley and I greatly look forward to our lectures, Simulation Cases and all forms of collaboration with Ukraine Emergency Medical Providers.


Brian R. McMurray, MD, FACEP, FACP

ACEP Ambassador to Ukraine

About brmcmurray

ACEP Ambassador to Ukraine since 2004 email address: brianmcm52@aol.com

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