On to Poltava

imageimageimageimageThis was a first time visit to Poltava. Historic area of battles in the 18th Century. About a 4 hour drive from Kyiv. Similar in size to Vinnitsa a bit less than 400,000 people.

Our accommodations were nice and set in a forest. Few photos of the area attached. One of my translator Dr Ivan Kuzminsky and me at supper table

At the Medical University there were a couple hundred in attendance. It was a joy to make the presentations of Medical Myths in PreHospital Care, EKGs you must Know, STEMI Equivalent EKGs, and Update on Intraosseous Access.

Lots of questions and interactions. Wonderful hosts.

About brmcmurray

ACEP Ambassador to Ukraine since 2004 email address: brianmcm52@aol.com

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