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Wrapping up Ukraine ACEP Ambassador Trip to Ukraine May 22 to June 4, 2017….A brief time in Paris en route to Nashville

An amazing Parisian dinner at Bistro Vivienne. Only thing missing was Catherine. We’re going to fix that next time I am in Paris. ❤️🍷


The Big Band at Le Caveau de les Huchette

After an early Sunday departure on the day of Pentecost it was on to Paris from Kyiv. So many fresh memories of new friends and widened and deepened collaboration.

In Paris I visited Montmartre for lunch, then a lovely dinner at Bistro Vivienne and then a memorable jazz show at Le Caveau de les Huchette. A famous Parisian jazz club. It was big band night. Excellent music and amazing ambience and history at this club

Now, Monday, June 5 it is back to Nashville, where the Predators are playing game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals in a city turned upside down with fervor for our team.

Back in Kyiv to meet Dr George Goy and the Ukraine Minister of Health Dr. Ulana Suprun and her husband Marko Suprun

    With Dr. Ulana Suprun to my left and Dr George Goy on the right of the photo. Marko Suprun on the left of the photo.

This day of meetings was a joy. An amazing story of three Ukrainian Americans (their parents Ukrainian).  Dr. Goy practices in Los Angeles. His mission of passion to help his parent’s native land and to help the Suprun’s in all their efforts

The Supruns helped critically ill victims of shooting at the Maidan in 2014. The President of Ukraine made them Ukraine citizens in recognition of their efforts. Now Dr. Ulana Suprun is the Minister of Health. Husband Marko is helping especially with efforts to teach and equip soldiers to treat battlefield casualties.

Dr. Goy has the passion to help and teach in Ukraine. We had a great time sharing.  Read More…

In Sumy, Ukraine…the 3 days EMS Symposium and Competition May 31-June 2


With Artem Shahotin who will distribute EZ IO

    Military EMS team doing CPR

With the team from Kazakhstan

EKG lecture Day One with fellow EM Doctor and translator Dr. Ivan Kuzminsky

Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk applying moulage to a volunteer

Cricothyrotomy teaching and skill station


First night was a scenario with a man attacked by a dog and having hemorrhagic shock


With student team from Ternopil who won the overall Competition


Demonstrating the FAST exam with portable ultrasound for detecting free fluid in trauma

It was a joy and really quite amazing. 36 teams of EMS crews. From all over Ukraine and two from Lithuania and one from Kazakhstan.
The first day was lectures and teaching stations. I had the joy of presenting Medical Myths in PreHospital Care and EKG’s You Must Know and STEMI and STEMI Equivalents. As well I was able to demonstrate the FAST exam with ultrasound in Trauma. Read More…