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Vinnitsa Oblast to Mohildiv Podillski

As of Friday night we were back to Vinnitsa for rest and meetings with friends on Saturday.
Then Sunday a wonderful time at worship at Vinnitsa Nazarene Church. Lunch after church with Pastor Roman Lebedyev and his wife Oksana and Dr. Sergei Bolyukh and family and Dr. Irina Stefanenka. Pastor Roman traveling the next day for mission trip to Tajikistan. The “roof of the world” at about 5000 meters.
Today I visited the Hospital in Mohildiv Podillski as in photo above. It is to the left of the Dnister River as you look at the photo. To the right is Otacci, Moldova. A joy to meet old and new friends in EM and gave lectures on chest pain and on EKGs.

Kyiv to Ternopil to Chernivtsi to Vinnitsa

It was a smooth ride to Kyiv arriving May 23. Then to hotel for brief rest and out to supper at wonderful seafood restaurant.
Then Thursday to Ternopil Medical University to meet with Dr. Arsen Gudma and Galya who created and run their Simulation Teaching Center. A legacy in part of Dr. Michelle Sergel’s visit in 2013. Michelle is a national leader in America of Simulation Teaching. Her home at Cook County in Chicago.
Also met in Ternopil with Ternopil Medical University Rector Dr. Korda. He wishes for future greater collaboration. Perhaps a Seminar next year on Simulation Teaching in medicine with Dr. Sergel to return.

On Friday we traveled to Chernivtsi to meet Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk’s family. What a joy!
Beautiful village near the Romanian border.
Photos to follow.
Friday night back to my Ukraine home in Vinnitsa.