ACEP International Section Ambassador Program to Ukraine

Simulation Case

Simulation Case

Kyiv Conference December 2012 at Kyiv based Ukraine Disaster Medicine Facility

Drs. Shannon Langston and Brian Bales of Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine’s International

Emergency Program demonstrating

5 responses to “ACEP International Section Ambassador Program to Ukraine”

  1. Lena Denman says :

    Hi Dr. McMurray,

    We spoke many years ago on the phone as I was restarting Arlene Campbell’s work sending medical supplies into Ukraine. I am grateful for the donors of the Arlene Campbell Humanitarian Foundation and grant funding from the United Methodist Committee on Relief. In 2022 we’ve sent over 1.4 million USD worth of medical supplies and equipment. We’ve reached 7 hospitals so far, 6 in Kyiv and 1 in the Odesa region. I’d love to chat again and discuss collaboration if you have time.

  2. Lisa Bundy says :

    Hi there – I am an ACEP member, councillor for MS. All of my children are Ukrainian, adopted by us in 2014 amidst the Maidan Revolution. I would love to get involved in these missions – I am also the director of Emergency Ultrasound here. My middle daughter is a student at Ole Miss and would like to attend medical school. If you should ever need a translator (she is a native Ukrainian speaker, obviously, and is finishing a minor in Russian), please let me know. You can contact me at the info below. I hope to see you at ACEP!

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