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ACEP Ukraine Trip 2019

This 2019 ACEP Ambassador and Colleagues trip will center around two events, hosted by Dr. Vitaliy Krylyuk, ACEP Liaison for Ukraine and his colleague Dr. Ivan Kuzminsky:

1) An annual nationwide EMS Rally with several nearby countries also invited…in Uzhorod, Ukraine (westernmost Ukraine) from June 5-June 7. I will be joined by fellow EM/Cardiology/ACEP Int’l member…. expert Dr. Magnus Simonsson of Sweden as lecturers on the first day, then joining in with our Ukraine colleagues as they compete at Mock Disaster scenes and are scored on their performances. Over 40 Ambulance teams will participate in this EMS Rally, after the first day of lectures.

2) 1st Annual Simulation Medicine Conference in Ternopil, Ukraine June 2 and 3. Ternopil now has Ukraine’s leading Simulation Medicine Center, under the leadership of colleagues and friends, Drs. Arsen Gudima and Galya Tsimbalyuk.  I will have the joy of presenting an EKG workshop and discussing Simulation Medicine in the USA, with materials provided me by Cook County Simulation Medicine Director Dr. Michelle Sergel, who planted seeds for Simulation Medicine in Ternopil and Kyiv 5 years ago.

Looking forward to it!!!!!

The “sequel” will be to have Drs. Krylyuk and Kuzminsky join me to ACEP 19 in Denver in October…..

Vinnitsa Oblast to Mohildiv Podillski

As of Friday night we were back to Vinnitsa for rest and meetings with friends on Saturday.
Then Sunday a wonderful time at worship at Vinnitsa Nazarene Church. Lunch after church with Pastor Roman Lebedyev and his wife Oksana and Dr. Sergei Bolyukh and family and Dr. Irina Stefanenka. Pastor Roman traveling the next day for mission trip to Tajikistan. The “roof of the world” at about 5000 meters.
Today I visited the Hospital in Mohildiv Podillski as in photo above. It is to the left of the Dnister River as you look at the photo. To the right is Otacci, Moldova. A joy to meet old and new friends in EM and gave lectures on chest pain and on EKGs.