Odessa June 28-30, then back to Kyiv….

Our overnight train to Odessa on the night of the 27th was interesting in that it was the first time I had been on a new train.  Actually quite nice…not so rustic as usual.

We arrived the morning of the 28th and checked into our Hotel….made pretty much a beeline for the Black Sea, which had many beautiful sailboats on it with spinnakers out.  We toured the downtown area as well….both historic and pretty.  And then shut it down pretty early as we had our Symposium the next morning.

This time Dan and I presented to the same audience….all Emergency Clinicians…doctors and physician assistants….so we focused again on the practical and the clinical…though Dan was able to give them an overview of EMS organization and Paramedic Training in the USA.

As they were an “all clinical” audience, I really loved the time spent in discussing Myths, EKGs and sharing a few Simulation Cases….which brought out many points.

Vitaliy now wants Dan and me to return next year latter part of May, first part of June to expand the prehospital care presentations and Simulation cases….in the context of a national and international EMS meeting northeast of Kyiv in “Sumyi”, north of Kharkiv.  There will be at least 32 teams of EMS providers from around Ukraine and some from neighboring countries like Poland.  Should be fun and more importantly helpful in our quest to both teach and collaborate.

As well, my dear friend Dr. Steve Raffanti, who founded and directs the HIV treatment center in Nashville, who joined me in 2008, has been requested to return to teach at the HIV Treatment Center in Vinnitsa….so we may have a lot going on, and he might also give a lecture or two on HIV Emergencies….a topic I lectured on in my Vanderbilt days, with Steve’s guidance.

So….as we wind up here in Odessa, we have had an amazing time in Ukraine….and the expansion of collaboration and of knowing more of this beautiful country are two goals well met.

Photos and wrap up to follow…..

About brmcmurray

ACEP Ambassador to Ukraine since 2004 email address: brianmcm52@aol.com

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